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Do you need a pair of volleyball knee pads? The Tokyo Evolution model by Erreà is just what you're looking for! Perfect for training and competition, these knee pads are specially designed and constructed to help protect your knees securely. During a game, players often dive to the ground in defense moves, or they may fall or slip during training if they land badly from a jump. This is why volleyball knee pads are not merely accessories but real life-savers, absolutely essential for protecting the knees and preventing joint injuries, sprains, and fractures. For that reason, we believe knee pads are essential in all sports where players could end up on the "ground" in one way or another, as in volleyball, for example. In addition to protecting your body, the Tokyo Evolution knee pads by Erreà are extremely durable and sturdy and guarantee excellent leg mobility.


  • Structure with jacquard weave
  • Promotes sweat-wicking
  • Slight compression
  • Advanced level of protection in the position of the kneecap
  • 3D circular knitting technology

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